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The presence and diversity of thousands of exoplanets, some of which may be similar to Earth, confirmed during the last decade, together with the aptitude for life to emerge, survive and adapt even in the most extreme conditions, as well as the existence of billions of galaxies full of stars, lead us to consider statistically very unlikely that our planet is the only one in the universe to host intelligent life.
However, there are still no certain indications concerning extraterrestrial civilizations.
In this book, the author suggests a possible explanation by adopting an original approach based on evidence and theories which are generally accepted by the scientific community. He does not just identify the technological aspects of the question but examines the power of the universal evolutionary forces acting on living beings and underscores the cultural and sociological processes involved.


Chapter 1 – Life
Chapter 2 – Archea and Extremophiles
Chapter 3 – Disasters
Chapter 4 – Habitable zones
Chapter 5 – Kepler
Chapter 6 – The Drake equation
Chapter 7 – The First Directive